The Company has implemented an anonymous reporting system to receive and address complaints regarding improper or questionable accounting practices (Examples of improper accounting practices include improper recording of sales transactions, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable or other revenue, expense or asset items). The Company’s Audit Committee of the Board of Directors oversees this process. The Company has set up an anonymous Telephone Hotline to receive such complaints.

In order to maintain complete anonymity for callers, the Company utilizes the services of an independent company named EthicsPoint to administer the hotline.

The system is easy to use. Simply phone the 24 hour toll-free Hotline Number:

  • United States, Canada, and India 866-292-1177

An EthicsPoint compliance specialist will guide you through the questions to complete the report. The report will be available only to specific individuals in the Company who are charged with evaluating and, when appropriate, investigating the violation. The system is designed so that no report is ever shared with implicated parties.

The Company believes this hotline will be an effective tool in reducing losses from improper accounting, fraud and similar practices and therefore help to protect its financial strength. If you are uncertain if a practice violates Company policy or is illegal, please call the hotline. The Company would rather be informed of a potential problem than let it go unchecked. Should you have any questions regarding the anonymous reporting procedures or the hotline, you may contact the Company’s General Counsel.